One day in 2012, I decided it would be fun to make images which looked like album art, for a non-existent band. I started with this one:

The dawn of a new era

My idea was, you could slap the "parental advisory" notice on any square image, and it'll look like album art. So I took an image I had recently drawn, of my interpretation of the pillars of creation, and put that on it. I was so happy with it, I decided to do another:

Seal of Approval

And another:

The Pursuit of Perfeccion

And then I decided, "I feel like I need to make some music, to go along with this album art." So I started learning how to use simple song writing programs, and I guess I found musagi, a program that lets you easily compose 8-bit music, using an analog to the NES's sound chip.

I played around with musagi for a few months, and made these songs. Eventually, I got discouraged because of my lack of skill and experience, and I wasn't having much fun anymore. I guess these songs are the official release of "The dawn of a new era", since I'm never going to pursue this project anymore.

Filename Size Last Modified
01_steel_incisors.mp3 7 MB Apr 08, 2017
02_ten-mile_mirage.mp3 4 MB Apr 08, 2017
03_trip_strip.mp3 6 MB Apr 08, 2017
04_insurrections.mp3 5 MB Apr 08, 2017
05_pink.mp3 7 MB Apr 08, 2017
06_snake_pit.mp3 7 MB Apr 08, 2017